Thursday, May 23, 2024


While I was waiting for my grandkids to arrive for their lesson the other day, I walked around the neighborhood for a few minutes looking for some photo ops.  I've seen this house before but that day I stopped and took a photo of the entrance.  I love the color green and I think the decoration of the vines on each side of the door make the house so inviting.  

My heart is grateful for:
simple decor


Anvilcloud said...

There's something about doors in photos. It's something like bicycles or trains. Just having these things in a picture is often appealing.

happyone said...

Oh yes, that is nice. I've walked around my little town and took a bunch of pictures of all the doors.

Linda said...

Thank you Anvilcloud and happyone for your encouraging comments. They're much appreciated.

Granny Marigold said...

That green door and the vine decorations on either side are so appealing.

Linda said...

Thank you Granny Marigold. Wouldn't it look great if the vine was painted the same green as the door? In any case, I find it so welcoming.