Wednesday, March 25, 2015

People Watching at Pipeline

I cancelled all the plans I had for this morning and went to the beach instead.

My photo buddy isn't available this week.
Even though I miss our time together, it was such fun to just change my plans on the spur of the moment and do something spontaneous.

The waves were almost non-existent but there were a few now-and-then right near the shore and there was some boogey-boarding going on. I mentioned in a previous post, I have more fun people-watching/photographing the people on the beach. 

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Trisha said...

These are absolutely beautiful, Linda! I'm SO glad you cancelled your plans and went to the beach. You hit the jackpot!

I can almost hear the surf, can almost smell the salt air, and can almost feel the heat from the sun. Not only that, but your people-watching images are awesome!

I guess you don't miss our weather. It was 8 degrees here yesterday morning! :-(