Monday, September 12, 2016

Traveling Viet Nam Wall Memorial

Our local Community College hosted the traveling Viet Nam Wall Memorial this past weekend.  It was only on display for 3.5 days.  

The wall is 3/5ths the size of the permanent wall in Washington, DC but it is an exact replica.  
There were some pieces of memorabilia placed by the wall.


A few people were creating tracings of the names of people they knew or were related to who had perished as a result of the war.

This woman was with a group of seniors visiting the wall.

This is a picture of my son.  He died in Viet Nam when he was 24.  He had
a wife and 4 little girls.

Below is a picture of a statue that is at the Mall in Washington, DC just a short distance from the Viet Nam Wall.  It is two nurses caring for an injured troop.  I've seen the statue in person.  It's stunning.

Today is September 12.  Yesterday was the 15-Year Anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers.  The college received this piece of debris from Ground Zero to keep as a permanent display on campus.