Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Koko Head Botanical Garden

The other day my friend and I finally had the chance to get together to go out shooting.  In all the years she's lived on Oahu, she's never been able to get to this particular Botanical Garden, so that's what we did.  

When we first got there I was a little disappointed.  It was very dry, not much grass and I didn't think there was much to photograph.  Flowers are not my favorite subjects.  But as we walked around I began to see things and decided to get busy with the camera.  

There were a lot of plumeria trees and many of them were blooming.  A lot of the clusters were way up high, but some were at eye level and some low enough to look down on.  

There were several different colors which made for nice changes.  

I thought this gnarly branch was interesting.

This botanical garden has several sections.  The American, the Hawaiian, the African and one or two other areas.  For me, this cactus area was the most interesting.  Who would think that cactus would grow and survive in Hawaii, especially on the windward (rainy) side, but they do.
I don't know what the name of the tree is in the image below, but the cactus is called
Golden Barrel Cactus.  

Octopus Agave (below)  
Since I took this photo, I've discovered that Agave is NOT related to cacti or aloe, but it grows in conditions similar to those plants.  Agave bloom but it takes a long time to flower and then it dies.  

After we left the botanical garden, we stopped at this beach park just to see if there was anything interesting.  By then we were playing around with multiple exposures.  I didn't like most of the ones I created, but I think this one is pretty fun.