Monday, August 28, 2017

Saratoga Race Track Morning Warm-up

After delaying our field trip to the Saratoga track morning warm-ups twice, my friend and I finally made it on a beautiful cool morning just in the nick of time.  The track closes for the season in a few days.

We treated ourselves to a track-side breakfast, then spent some time photographing the horses during their warm-ups.  It's not a colorful as it is during a race, but still fun to try and capture the horses as they run.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mystery Ride to Corinth

Two of my friends and I have begun a tradition.  It's a mystery ride for a photo shooting day.  We take turns choosing a surprise location.  Whoever is in charge chauffeurs the others to a surprise location.  Once there we spend some time photographing for an alphabet scavenger hunt.

This month we arrived in Corinth on a beautiful sunny day and after about an hour we met back at the park to  look at each other's images.  It's truly amazing how we each come up with such different ideas for each letter. 

After finishing the scavenger hunt we managed to get this group shot by the lake.

None of us were able to complete the entire alphabet, and we decided that for the next trip time we might need a little more time.  

Following are some of the images I made that day.

D Doggie Decal

L  Lock

N  Newspaper

R  Red Firehydrant

U  Umbrella