Thursday, January 17, 2019

 Nine Corner Lake Hike

Three of us headed out this morning for a winter hike.  It was VERY the time we got to the trailhead it was minus 5.  (It warmed up to about 13 by the time we got back to the car)  But it was lovely.  For a change the sun was out and there was no wind at all.  It was about 2 miles round-trip but the route in was a lot of uphill so it was a challenge.

This friendly stuffed animal greeted us at the sign-in.  It made me smile.

On the way out we stopped to take our group pic.   

We stopped at our favorite local cafe for lunch and some fun conversation.  On my way home I stopped to get gas and saw that there was an offer of a free scoop of ice-cream in any coffee drink purchased.  I over-indulged and got my preferred drink of iced-coffee  with a scoop of Brew-Ha-Ha ice cream. Totally decadent.