Friday, June 12, 2015

Fieldtrip top Hudson, NY

My good friend and photo buddy, Trish, and I took a road trip to Hudson, NY today.  After a very slow start (nail in tire/a stop at Sears/a long, protracted conversation with hubby about buying new tires/tires changed and balanced/getting lost on the way to Hudson/searching for quarters for the parking meter/finding a place to eat) we finally got out of the car with cameras in hand and began our photo shoot.

Hudson is a sweet little town filled with an abundance of photo ops.   We spent some time walking up and down the main road when I (serendipitously, I might add) remembered that we had only put enough money in the parking meter for two hours (in my defense~~the meters only take enough quarters for two hours at a time).  In light of my extreme reluctance to paying a parking ticket, we turned around and hustled back to the car.

It was really hot today, so instead of continuing our walk, we drove to the next destination which was the waterfront.  It was a bust, so we drove to the train station.  Then we left.  But we put some icing on the photo field trip by stopping at a Stewarts and treating ourselves to a yummy ice cream cone.

It was a GREAT day.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

First Mohawks Game of 2015

Last night was beautiful cool, dry and sunny weather (following 2-3 days of rain which was sorely needed), ushering in the first 2015 home game of the Amsterdam Mohawks Baseball Team.

I got to the field very early because I was already in town and didn't want to go home and then right back out again.  So I dragged along my knitting bag and my camera to occupy myself until my friend arrived and the game began.  

Pregame warm-up

Pregame Mohawks

Unbeknownst to me, the Amsterdam Middle School (now known as the Lynch Literacy Academy~~since I don't know when, but what's up with that name?) band was going to play for the opening ceremony.  The granddaughter is in that band so I was excited to see her and hear the band again.  (she's the one whose music is touching the other girl's leg)

Pregame performance

Then the game began.  I always challenge myself to capture the ball right at the bat or near the catcher's glove.  I think I nailed it in this image.  Woot, woot.

We left at the end of the 7th inning.  The Mohawks were way ahead, so I'm guessing they won. 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

With A Little Help From My Friends
Last Saturday I attended a 60th Anniversary Party.  It’s difficult for me to process that Number (60) in relation to people being married that long–but how Awesome is that??  I fully intended to be a guest and I even entertained the thought of not bringing Any camera to the event (so you can see where my head is lately).  I don’t own a data phone so I wouldn’t have even had that for photos.  But, alas, as God ordained, I received a phone call LATE the night before the event from the hostess (the Daughter of the Anniversary Couple) imploring me to take pics at the event because she had totally forgotten that   Wee.   Little.    Detail.
Hahaha, how could I refuse?  The couple and I have been friends for 43 years and I Love Her Dearly, so of course I said “yes”, but in my head/heart I was muttering.  Well, it turned out fine and, of course, I had a great time.  So, during the event, which was basically dinner at a venue (Turf Tavern in Scotia–which, btw, I HIGHLY recommend), a few speeches from anyone willing to hold the mic, and some great dessert, I took a few shots of The Couple with various people, etc.  As the event was winding down I announced that everyone had to get their photo taken as a keepsake for The Couple and they should meet me right outside the door as they were leaving.  Amazingly, everyone was super-agreeable.
The thing is, it’s been so long since I did an “event” that I was way too serious and the first few photos were just “for the record”.  But then, I Got A Little Help From My nutty Friends.  And, of course, those photos are my favorites of all the ones I took that night, except, maybe, the photo of the couple Cutting the Cake.

In the following photo, we were having a very intense discussion about whether the women should pull their dresses up a Little on their legs.  One said, Absolutely Not, while at the same time her 80-something-year-old-mother was cooperating.  Too funny.  I think this is my All Time Favorite of the night.  Check it out.  All the men are looking at the camera and All the Women are looking at each other.  What a hoot.

And here's the Anniversary Couple.  What a testimony to Hanging in There through good and bad times.  I Love Them.