Thursday, June 04, 2015

First Mohawks Game of 2015

Last night was beautiful cool, dry and sunny weather (following 2-3 days of rain which was sorely needed), ushering in the first 2015 home game of the Amsterdam Mohawks Baseball Team.

I got to the field very early because I was already in town and didn't want to go home and then right back out again.  So I dragged along my knitting bag and my camera to occupy myself until my friend arrived and the game began.  

Pregame warm-up

Pregame Mohawks

Unbeknownst to me, the Amsterdam Middle School (now known as the Lynch Literacy Academy~~since I don't know when, but what's up with that name?) band was going to play for the opening ceremony.  The granddaughter is in that band so I was excited to see her and hear the band again.  (she's the one whose music is touching the other girl's leg)

Pregame performance

Then the game began.  I always challenge myself to capture the ball right at the bat or near the catcher's glove.  I think I nailed it in this image.  Woot, woot.

We left at the end of the 7th inning.  The Mohawks were way ahead, so I'm guessing they won. 

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Trisha said...

These are INCREDIBLE!!! WOOT, WOOT is right!!! I especially love the shots thru the fence. You really did nail these. You're so inspirational!!! What a wonderful surprise, too, for the opportunity to watch your granddaughter play in the band! <3