Friday, June 12, 2015

Fieldtrip top Hudson, NY

My good friend and photo buddy, Trish, and I took a road trip to Hudson, NY today.  After a very slow start (nail in tire/a stop at Sears/a long, protracted conversation with hubby about buying new tires/tires changed and balanced/getting lost on the way to Hudson/searching for quarters for the parking meter/finding a place to eat) we finally got out of the car with cameras in hand and began our photo shoot.

Hudson is a sweet little town filled with an abundance of photo ops.   We spent some time walking up and down the main road when I (serendipitously, I might add) remembered that we had only put enough money in the parking meter for two hours (in my defense~~the meters only take enough quarters for two hours at a time).  In light of my extreme reluctance to paying a parking ticket, we turned around and hustled back to the car.

It was really hot today, so instead of continuing our walk, we drove to the next destination which was the waterfront.  It was a bust, so we drove to the train station.  Then we left.  But we put some icing on the photo field trip by stopping at a Stewarts and treating ourselves to a yummy ice cream cone.

It was a GREAT day.

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Trisha said...

Love, Love, Love, LOVE all four of these images! :-)

Great compositions (love the foliage framing the lower RH corner of #1 and the out-of-focus tree framing #3)…and love the perspective and lines in #4. #2 is pleasantly colorful, and the greenery on the building makes a wonderful background.

It was such a great day, and your photos are delightful memories. Great story…great images…awesome day!!! Thank you, Linda!!! :-D