Monday, November 08, 2010

Oh NO!!!

When I woke up this morning, the weather was:  cloudy--no surprise there!, windy, and pretty chilly--33 degrees.  "Okay", I thought, "not too unusual for this time of year, and not too unbearable".  I went about my morning routine:  start the coffee, check the wood furnace and get it going again, feed the cats, do my devotional, etc. 

I then began getting some breakfast started.  While puttering around the kitchen, still looking at the weather from the perspective of my 5"7" vantage point, sighing & bemoaning the passing of summer and mentally figuring out how long it would be till spring, I happened to glance out the door, looking down at the deck.

All I could think was OH, NO!!!!  What I saw looked suspiciously like, s...  sn..... sn.... snow!!!  Argh.  Okay, so now I'm really counting the days till my plane leaves.


trishalyn said...

I hate the "white stuff" but this is a very cool the perspective! :-)

Bridget said...

oh yes !
i love it :)