Wednesday, August 10, 2011

 It's the Little Things

I've discovered over the years that often it's the little things that bring pleasure or get me psyched.  Here are a few examples:

1)  About two years ago I purchased a new lens.  I loved the focal range and it seemed to be a very good lens.  But lately I began to notice that the images weren't sharp.  Even after sharpening in Photoshop, they weren't as crisp as I felt they should be. 

Well . . . I was going to buy another lens (an L-series Canon lens = big $s), but I decided to send mine back to the company so they could check it first.  I called, told them my thoughts and said I would need the lens returned by Aug. 20 since I'm leaving for Alaska on the 26th.  They assured me the lens would be in my hands before then.

Eureka ! !  I received it today.  Gotta love Tamron.  Not only do they have great customer service, but their lenses are guaranteed for 6, yes-that's SIX full years from date of purchase.  I haven't put it on the camera yet, but I'm still happy. (I know, I know this image is soft - - I handheld the camera in low light without flash)

2)  We have two dogs and two cats.  Needless to say, there's an issue with dog hair and fur flying around all the time.  That means that I have to vacuum quite often - - ugh ! 

The other day I was in the store, browsing, when I came across this gadget.  It's a Swiffer-Vac.  Now, I've heard of the original Swiffer, and the Swiffer-mop, but this one was new to me.  It's a Swiffer (with the Swiffer cloth), AND a vacuum.  So it catches dust/hair on the cloth and then sucks up more into the vacuum.  OMGoodness ! ! !  That means I don't have to lug out the big, clunky vacuum every time I want to clean up a little.  When done, you plug it in so it can charge and then when you use it, it's cordless.  Sweeeet !

Check it out in the store, you might like it.

3)  For several years now I've been whining about what a bother it is to need glasses. My distance vision is good enough that I don't usually need my glasses for TV, movies, driving or anything that's at least three feet away.  But heaven forbid I go into the supermarket without my purse (in which my glasses usually reside), cause then I can't read a single label.  Or forget it if I'm in a part of the house where I haven't left a pair of glasses . . . 

As a result, I purchased about 1/2 dozen pair of those inexpensive magnifying glasses and there's a pair in every part of the house and in every bag I own, in addition to my prescription glasses.  What a PAIN ! ! ! 

Well, yesterday I finally got . . . . . . . . drumroll please . . . . . . . CONTACTS ! ! ! ! !  I'm sooooo psyched.  Still can't see without my glasses really close up, but seeing the computer is good along with many other close things that required glasses before.  Be.       Still.     My.      Heart !

These things may not be a new house, brand new car, jewels, trips, furs or fancy new furniture, (none of which I would refuse if they came my way, thank you very much), but they make me really happy and remind me to count my blessings no matter how small. 

Hopefully you can rejoice in and enjoy the small blessings that have come your way lately. 


Anonymous said... latest blessing is books on CD's....I know that is nothing new..but..oh my goodness I do love to be able to hear a good book and not struggle because my eyes wont let me see the small print..another blessing is the LARGE PRINT books and this is a real own VERY VERY large print Tinity Hymnal that my dear friend has made up for me in a loose leaf notebook so I can see the words and sing with the congregation....PTL.. for loved ones who do this for me....SO lINDA..WE DO NEED TO COUNT THE BLESSINGS....

~she~ said...

I, too, would be awfully excited about the new sweeper!

Today, I am really happy about the weather. It's just perfect!

And I'm saving up for new camera equipment. I'll have to pick your brain when I'm ready!

trishalyn said...

I'm happy that you're happy! :-)

radhe said...

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Framing Images and Memories said...

welcome to the world of the Swiffer! I can see the swiffer company soon making appliances, ceiling fans and automobiles! I love the swiffer so much I would buy each of those items. And to add to the "small things"- appreciation list. I bought correle dishes (first new dishes in a loooong time). Though they are inexpensive, I swear my food tastes better on them!

Bridget said...

i am happy you are happy too :):):)