Sunday, May 19, 2013

Junior Prom

This past Saturday night was junior prom night at my grandson's school.  I know I've said this kind of thing before, but I honestly can't imagine how this happened.  How, oh how, is he old enough to go to Junior Prom?  It just doesn't seem possible that 17.5 years have gone by since he was born.

But I digress.

My brother-in-law generoulsy volunteered to drive Mace and his date to all the pre-prom photo venues in his beautiful classic car.  I don't know what I was more excited about--taking photos of the car or the kids!  Silly me.

This next image is of just a small group of teens who went to a local bed-and-breakfast for a little while for a few photos.

Mace pulled me aside to do a "private" photo shoot.  I guess I trained him right when I started using him for a model when he was a baby...

Below is Mace with one of his good buddies and co-basketball team members.

And of course, the traditional "family" photo.  In a short 8 then 9 years, we'll be photographing Jacob then Lauren's proms.  Oi vey!

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trishalyn said...

BEAUTIFUL! (Both the car and the kids!) I was so happy that the weather was great for the kids' prom. I'm even happier to know you were back from paradise in time to photograph this important event in your grandson's life. I'm sure he appreciated it. Great job, Grandma!
:-) <3 :-)