Wednesday, May 01, 2013

But I Digress...

A couple of weeks ago a photographer friend of mine began telling me about her newest endeavor of posting her images to flickr and she was encouraging me to do the same.  Well....I already have a flickr account, but I was only using it to post larger amounts of images so my friends and family could see them.  I wasn't using it as a marketing tool or a way to make contacts with other photographers.

So with my friend's words echoing in my ears, for the past week or so I've been trying to update my flickr site by adding a few more images and naming/tagging the existing ones.  I only post what I consider to be my best ones and I was pleasantly surprised to see the pics I posted from my trips to Italy and Ireland a few years ago.

So even though I'm still in Hawaii, I will digress this morning by posting a couple of my favorites from Tuscany, Italy.

Apparently when I posted them to flickr I reduced the dpi, so these can't be enlarged--but if you go to my flickr page you can see them a little larger as well as seeing the other images. Click on the address:

BTW, if you do go to the flickr address, leave a comment. Constructive critiques welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

I really LOVE #1!!! :-) (This is Trish!)