Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bellows Beach

Last Saturday we went to Bellows Beach for the first time since I arrived in Hawaii.  It's one of THE most beautiful beaches on the island.  When driving down the road on the approach to the beach, there's a spot where, when you see the beach, you want to sing the Hallelujah chorus.  It's that glorious!

Anyway, we took Betty's grandson with us, and once there's a toddler in my viewfinder I'm a goner.  So, of the 150 shots I took, probably 100 of them were of the baby.  But, reason prevailed and I cut it down to a reasonable number for the photos I'm giving Betty....

....and even cut it down to my absolute favorite of the entire bunch for this blog. 

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Trisha said...

Oooh….aaah….I absolutely LOVE these!!! :-)