Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Ride

So a couple of weeks ago the boy texted me to tell me he had just gotten his motorcycle permit.  My response to him was "awesome!"  My response in my head was "if you were my son, no way would you get a motorcycle permit".  But hey, his mom said it was okay when he turned 18, so who am I to argue!

Tonight the boy and his dad arrived in our driveway and the next thing I knew they were looking at helmets and the bikes and,   oh.   my.    goodness.   They were there for a motorcycle lesson.
Although I was internally hyperventilating, I played it cool, got the camera and documented the occasion.

I've mentioned this before...I thought I was done with the anxiety and angst when my kids grew up and left home.  Well, let me tell you....NOT SO.  It goes on and on.  Sheesh!

So yes, standing in the middle of the road is exactly the right thing to do when it's necessary to get the shot.  And I'm worried about him riding a bike, hmmmm.


Trisha said...

Beautiful lighting…wonderful photo essay…love it!!!!
P.S. As a mom, I feel your pain! :-)

Tamsyn Taylor said...

MJ, 20, just bought a bike. I have been going through all the same things. In order to gain his Learners Plates, he had to do a course in practical skills and pass a theoretical test. Now is is on L Plates, he has been taking instruction from a friend who has ridden for 40 years and can teach him safety measures. I was very glad when he arrived home on a black night in pouring rain and announced that he had left the bike under an awning at church. Sensible for a new rider.