Friday, April 22, 2016

God's Timing

There's nothing like It.  God's Timing. 

While we kick and scream and shake our fists and demand what we want NOW, God has a plan for each of us that we know nothing about.  We still get to make decisions, and by His Grace we make the right ones, or at least not the worst ones, but His plan for us was put into place before He created the world.  

How awesome is that?  How incomprehensible is that?

My daughter has wanted a marriage and children since she was an older teenager.  It didn't happen and it didn't happen, until finally it looks like it will. Happen.

I Can't Wait to meet this guy.  From what she tells me it sounds like he was raised in our household with our values and goals.  He sounds like a great fit for our family.  

Many times over the years I've wondered to myself where in the U.S. I would like to live if I didn't live in upstate NY.  There are places I know I would definitely NOT enjoy specifically any place that gets into the 3-digit temps in the summer accompanied by severe humidity. 

Hahaha, just to show you want kind of a God we serve and what kind of sense of humor He has, this guy, who will probably become my second son-in-law, lives in Lubbock, Texas.  Oh My Goodness, who, who WHO lives in Lubbock, TX.  And why???

I've said all of this just to say that I guess I will be spending some significant time living in TX (a hot, humid place) once babies begin arriving.  

There's a country/western song with this line in it:
If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.

So true, so true.

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Trisha said...

What a cute, adorable couple!!! <3 I'm SO happy for Leah...he sounds just perfect for her!!! :-D