Saturday, July 09, 2016

Blue Ledges

Four of us met at the visitor's center for the drive to hike the Blue Ledges trail near North Creek on Friday morning.  It was so good to have Jane with us after her month-long hiatus from our group.
The trailhead sign says the trail is 2.5 miles one way with only a 230 ft incline.  Easy-peasy, right?

It wasn't as easy as it sounds though because there were a lot of down-hill areas and then up-hills to compensate for them. was a nice trail.
Not too far after starting we came upon this pretty lake.

There was only one car at the trailhead parking lot, and about ⅔ of the way into the trail we saw the group heading out that belonged to the car.  It was quite a surprise to me to discover that the group included someone I know.  She's a member of my bookgroup and is an avid hiker.  Her husband and a friend were with her.  

"Are we pretty close to the end?"  "Yes", they said.
I guess their idea of pretty close and our idea of pretty close
are two different things.

After our little chat, we powered on, pretty quickly discovering that we weren't really "close", but definitely looking forward to seeing the blue ledges and the river.


There were two guys there finishing their lunch.  As we were taking photos one of them offered to take a photo of all of us.  It saved me the trouble of setting up the tripod, so I was happy to let them oblige.

After using their camera to take a photo of them for them, I got one for me.

We're from Scotia~~(it's not often we meet hikers that are from the same
area we are from).  It took us 2 hours to drive here, but we did the
trail in about 1 hour.  (haha, it took us 2 hours to do the trail)

After eating our lunch and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery, we began our trek back to the car.  Along the way we met another friendly couple.

We're from the Syracuse area.  This is our first time on this trail.
Her:  I broke my foot this past winter and this is the first time I've
been out to see how it's doing.  

It was another great day and hike.  We treated ourselves to Stewart's ice-cream and spent a good deal of time sharing tips about how to work our cell phones/cameras and taking photos of a beautiful butterfly (or is it a moth?) that was hanging out on a boulder near us.

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Trisha said...

Wow. I was eager and excited to see your posting of our great hike on Friday, and you didn't disappoint! LOVE your gorgeous captured the beauty of the Blue Ledges just perfectly. Ditto with the people photos, too!

I really love this newest project of yours. At the end of the season, I fervently hope you create a "Hikes of 2016" book, because I definitely want to buy a copy of it! :-)