Saturday, October 15, 2016

Owl's Head
Keene, NY

Our latest hike was at Owl's Head Mt in Keene, NY.  Ironically there are 3 different mountains called Owl's Head.  This one is a short but intense hike, dotted with many overlooks which makes the trek nicer than most, especially since the colors are changing .   

L to R:  me, Marybeth, Trish and Jane. 

The weather was fantastic, the sky clear and the views wonderful.

There were a lot of cars at the trail head and we expected to see large numbers of people on the trail but there weren't as many as I expected.  The trail was very eroded so I guess this is a super-popular hike.  I thought this would be a good time to continue my documentation of the people I meet along the trail.  Well, it turned out to be so, and we had an unexpected treat at the summit.

We're from Rochester.  We're here for a short vacation.

I'm from Keene and my sister is from New Jersey. My dog is only
8 months old and weighs about 120 lbs.  He's very friendly and

When we got to an overlook just below the summit, we saw this group of young people.  I thought I hit a goldmine.  It turns out they're a group of students from a local college and they belong to a climbing club.  We had a nice conversation with them.

We were fortunate to see one of the climbers doing his thing.  

While at the summit this couple arrived.

We're from Plattsburgh.  "Do you hike a lot?"  "I don't, but he does."

In the below photo these three were with another school group.  They were in a class called Expeditionary Studies at Plattsburgh College.  Two other students and their instructor were learning rock-climbing skills. 

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Trisha said...

GORGEOUS images!!! LOVE your story and all of the accompanying photos!!!

We sure hit the jackpot with the beautiful weather, peak foliage, and friendly fellow hikers we met along the way. Icing on the cake were the rock-climbing students who graciously posed for you. It was a GREAT day...thank you for skillfully capturing our memories!!! <3 <3 <3