Thursday, October 28, 2010

 I Was Inspired
Yesterday I had to go to Caroga Lake for something.  I grabbed my camera thinking that I might come across an interesting photo op on the way home.  Well, I did come across an old, abandoned factory.  So I stopped and spent some time there--unfortunately there was no way to get inside.  Sigh.

When I got home, I decided to go for a walk with my camera.  Usually I don't care if I have my camera when I walk around Glen.  Years ago I took so many photos of the town that I thought I'd be happy if I never took another photo in this place.  But yesterday...yesterday I was inspired.  The next three images show a sampling of what I saw.

A stop at the Glen store for some fresh baked Italian Bread, and I saw these apples on the porch.

And as I walked into my driveway, I saw my quilt hanging on the clothesline and realized that I wouldn't be seeing this sight too much longer.  I love drying clothes on the clothesline, especially in the spring and fall, when the temps are still a little cool.  The scent of the dried clothes is wonderful.

I might have been inspired, but I'm not saying that any of these are keepers.  Just fun and it was a kick being excited enough to want to take photos for a change.


trishalyn said...

What are you talking about? They are all KEEPERS!!! :-)

Seriously...these are all beautiful. I love the unique angles and brilliant colors...very inspirational!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!! :-)

Bridget said...

oh there are definitely keepers here.i esp love the 1st image, the steeple and the hanging quilts. these could be a notecard collection sold at the glen store.great job!!!

J.L.Velez said...

I love them all, especially the first and last ones. They are all such great examples of down home country living. Awesome shots!