Monday, March 19, 2012

Macro Assignment

The photo group I belong to in NY is meeting Tuesday afternoon and the assignment is macro.  I put this off day after day until one of the members gave me a figurative kick in the pants to post some images so the group could look at them when they meet.

Sometimes a kick in the pants is all you need.  Thanks, Trish!


Framing Images and Memories said...

These are fantastic. Do you mind taking these down until after our meeting. It will make mine look not so bad lol.

Linda said...

Steve, you're so funny. I'm sure yours are great too--you always underestimate yourself. I didn't think anyone was checking my blog otherwise I would have given you a heads up not to look at it until the meeting. Can't wait to see the macros from the rest of you.

trishalyn said...

Steve is right...these are fantastic!!! What are those colored ball things? We were trying to figure out if you shot them looking down at the subject, or shooting up at them (underneath glass)?

The needle is incredible...a "gasp" could be heard for miles when we pulled up that image!

Bridget recognized the clothespins right away...what a cool idea!

Simple subjects, yet amazing images. Great job, Linda...and thank you for participating!

I'll post my macro pics soon so you can see them.

Nightie night! :-)

Bridget said...

these are great linda!
i esp liked the needle in the spool of thread.
looking forward to seeing you soon.