Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nothing in Common

Today was the Spring Fling in Amsterdam.  You know,  an event where they close off a street and invite vendors of all sorts to set up and sell their wares.  Music, dance demonstrations, stores (what few there are) open and hoping for some business, car show, motorcycle show and people like me and a friend walking around with cameras looking for THE shot.

The weather was spectacular.  About 82 degrees, low, low humidity and blue cloudless skies.
We meandered around taking photos, all of which were random. They have nothing in common, nor do they have a purpose.  I'm beginning to think I need intervention.  

I take pictures because I CAN'T  not take them.  I have no use for them.  I don't sell them, nobody wants them.  Usually no one even sees them but me.  I can't help myself.

Anyone else in that boat--I'd like company!

So here you go, dear reader.  A random selection of images from my day out in the sun.


J Murray said...

Love the shots!!!
Yes, Many of us have this same driving force within us compelling us to snap photos, create art, and the like! It is a great thing!!! Remind me to share with you a few easy ways of doing things with the Art Photos that might give you a feeling of purpose.
But what is more honorable is the fact that without the since of purpose you continue to snap the shots!!! So many people NEED to learn to continue regardless of purpose! That is when you are free enough to explore and let something great happen!!!

Anonymous said...

The guy in shadow with the reflections on the floor is a brilliant shot! Great job!

trishalyn said...

Terrific images!!! I love them all, but #1 and #3 are my favorites!

You feel as though there is no purpose in your photography, but you are wrong. By sharing your beautiful images, you are bringing joy to others. Even if just ONE person viewed your images, then you brought joy to someone. Isn't that worth it? And even if NO ONE viewed your images (which is NOT the case), you brought yourself joy just by clicking that shutter button. And THAT is definitely worth it!!! :-)

Is there any room in that boat for me? :-)

jeff perkins said...

Great silhouette shot with the glossy floor! Jeff