Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Test

The phone rang.  I don't usually answer it until I hear who's calling.

But the phone was right next to me, so I looked at the caller ID.  It was the hospital.  Uh oh !

I had a mammogram yesterday.  "This can't be good news",  I thought.  I heard the voice saying, "we see something and we want you to come in for another test".
I've already started planning how to get rid of my possessions so the kids won't have to do it.
I'm over-reacting.  I know it.

We made the appointment.  Next week.  Too long, but the soonest they could get me in.
God is in control.  I can rest in His Hands.  Thank God I can do that !

I had already planned on trying a new recipe for dinner and making cookies.
So I got busy doing that.

A good distraction??  Kind of.  Not good enough though.
But when I got to the cookies, and thinking about how I was going to photograph them, and then actually photographing them...yes !

God and photography, the cheapest anti-depressants I know.

the best gingersnap cookies ever


trishalyn said...

I love this image! Makes me hungry for a cookie! :-)

I'm praying for you. Keep the faith!!! <3

J Murray said...

I would have ate all the cookies too fast to get a photo!!!
Which is why I don't bake or have cookies around - can't control myself!!! Thank God - that he IS in control!!!

Bridget said...

oh linda just seeing this. hope all is well! you are in my prayers.

~she~ said...

Love the photo! Baking and photography are both therapy for me!

Here's hoping that all turns out well...