Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Very Strange

Today I had an appointment at the Mall.  I got there very early, so I went to Starbucks to have an ice-coffee and do some work on the computer.  Well, their internet was so slow that after a few minutes I decided to pack up and do something a little more constructive. 

So I headed out to the parking lot to take pics of funky license plates.  I wandered around, looking at 50  100   200  at least 300 cars and for goodness sake, didn't see a single vanity plate.  

At least I got some exercise.

So I went back inside for my Mac lesson.  When I left to go to my car, I finally saw these two plates.  I'm wracking my brain and absolutely can not come up with an interpretation for this first plate. Anyone have a good guess?

This next one made me laugh.  It was on a black SUV kind of vehicle, and it was parked, in of all places, the handicapped spot, with a handicapped sticker hanging in the window.  


trishalyn said...

I enjoyed your story and hearing about your day, but I have no idea what that first plate means! :-)

Anonymous said...

In Tagalog the word atrebido means bold or daring.

Amish Stories said...

I enjoy reading some of those license plates as well, and I'm not sure how some of the racy ones slip by the dept of motor vehicles office sometimes! Richard

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trebido is their last name? And A is the first initial? Maybe? :) good question, though...hey I want an iced coffee!! Never get them over here if you come to the UK because there isn't any HALF AND HALF!!!! It's all milk. Everywhere. Blah.