Monday, August 27, 2012

A Short Hike

Today was a spend-the-day-with-the-grandkids day.  So instead of just hanging around the house all day, I decided to take them to hike Vroman's Nose (which is a short hike, only about .6 miles on one of the trails, but has some intense elevation), and then to Howe's Caverns.

The boy, usually very cranky reticent about having his picture taken, seemed to be quite enthusiastic about it today.  Knowing his usual attitude about being in front of the camera, I only had my point and shoot with me.  However, being the great little camera that it is, the pictures came out fine.  

The boy was so excited about posing--I think he asked me to take a shot of them in front of every single tree in sight.  I finally had to say "enough", even though I didn't want to discourage him in light of his enthusiasm.  

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trishalyn said...

BEAUTIFUL...both the photos and the grandchildren!!! :-) Love the posing...and placing your subjects by that tree with the view in the background created a terrific composition. I'm so glad your hike didn't get rained out!