Sunday, December 08, 2013


Every 2nd Sunday in December, Troy, NY holds an annual Victorian Stroll.  It's one of the few cities in the area that holds it during the daytime.  Besides being a lot of fun, it's a tad warmer during the daylight and it's a great place for wonderful photo ops.

A friend and I decided to go today.  It was, by my uncertain calculations, the 14th day of cloudy, dreary skies, but for photography, it was perfect.  No precipitation and the temps hovered around 32, so all in all it was pretty tolerable.

Walking into Troy from the parking area we first saw this monument to the Viet Nam War.  It's really beautiful, so we spent a few minutes there taking some photos.

Frosty the Snow Man was a big hit and a lot of children we getting their pics taken with him.  None were crying, as they often do with Santa, I guess because  Frosty has such a happy face. 

There's nothing like attending an event like this with a fellow shutter-bug...

This juggler was on stilts doing her act, but I'm such a nut about getting close-ups I forgot to get her full length. 

I don't know what these folks were doing, but it was some kind of reel with the sticks and they were really enjoying themselves.

Santa and his elf were happy to pose with the passers-by.  They started playing shortly after this mom and girl left and they were really good.

They weren't too bad at hamming it up for the "tourists" with the cameras either.

I played around with this image to try and make it look a little vintage.  I like the results.


Trisha said...

Terrific post and accompanying images! I loved the vintage look of that last photo…and a great idea to post both versions.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Troy's Victorian Stroll through your lens. Thank you!

Daria Rim said...

Incredibly beautiful photos. As if itself you live!