Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coffee Break

I decided to bake some cookies this morning for two reasons: 1) I haven't done much baking lately and 2) I needed a subject for some still-life photos.  The other day I found a recipe for Shrewsbury Biscuits (English cookies) and they looked so yummy.

They're similar to shortbread cookies, but they don't have as much butter.  
So, so, so good.

After baking them and taking the photos I treated myself to a couple as a reward for my efforts. Don't let the second image fool you, I really only ate two...

I'm discovering that the tricky part of photographing food is trying not to eat it before taking the photos, especially when hungry.  So I guess I have to use the same strategy as when I go grocery shopping.  Eat first, then shop, or shoot.

Everything is a learning process.  So fun!~!

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Trisha said...

Love that RED!!! Great composition…and your cookies look delicious! :-)