Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Lesson Day

It's been a while.  A long while.  I'd have a difficult time saying why I haven't posted, but it seems like the time just gets away from me.

I found out about halfway through the day today that the grandkids were scheduled for a horseback riding lesson.  The girl was taking lessons last Fall and she started again this spring with her brother, but this is the first one I heard about so I jumped at the chance to be there and get a few photos.

They both did so well.  Even though their expressions are very somber because of all the concentrating they were doing, they really had fun.

After horseback riding lesson, soccer.  I was glad to get home tonight, it was a busy day.

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Trisha said...

These are great, Linda, and I love the kids' expressions! Glad you could be there with them! :-)