Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rural Upstate NY

Late this afternoon I got a great idea for a food photograph that I want to work on in the morning.  It requires ice-cream, so I decided to go to Stewarts tonight...

I figured out that I also needed eggs and milk, not for the photo, but just because....

As I was driving down the hill, I noticed a sign for eggs at the farm stand.  I turned around. I wondered if there were any eggs at the stand so late in the afternoon when I noticed the mini-fridge.  Sure enough, there was one dozen eggs left along with some cans of soda and water and a money can. Payment by the honor system.

I continued down to Stewarts.  When I asked for a hand-packed pint of my favorite ice-cream, they said they were OUT!!  Working really hard not to hyperventilate, I asked if they could call the store on Rt 5S to see if they had any--I wanted to drive over there but not if they didn't have it.  They had no clue which store I was talking about--go figure.  I decided to drive there and take a chance.

So, in addition to the 5 miles I drove to the first store, I drove 10 more to the second store and then about 12 more to get home.  It was a very expensive and time consuming pint of ice-cream, to be sure.
But I have to tell you, it was worth it.

Whoever came up with this flavor is brilliant.  Kudos to him/her.

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Trisha said...

Great story and wonderful photos!