Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Visual Challege ad a Triute!

First,,, to explai the challege to you, the reader. My keyoard is doig some weird thigs due to the fact (I thik), that I spilled a few drops of coffee o some of the keys the other morig. ut the keys that do't work are owhere ear where the coffee laded, so I'm puzzled. Ayway, the computer goes to the "dr" tomorrow.

Secod,,, the Triute! Oe of my dear frieds, Louise, passed away very uexpectedly ad quickly this past Jauary. She was a dear fried to most of us a church, ad we miss her every day. Her irthday was Jue 3. To pay triute, Jea decorated the church frot with this eautiful ouquet of roses.

Sorry for all the empty space here at the ottom, ut the delete key does't work either.


Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see the photo of the roses and especially the special touch of the insert of Louise's photo Thanks , Jean

trishalyn said...

I'm very sorry for your loss, Linda. The photo is a lovely and clever tribute in memory of your friend.

Bridget said...

see girlfriends remember you !
nice tribute.
i hope your computer is better soon.