Friday, June 11, 2010

Where's The Keyoard????

Okay, so aother post with my damaged keyoard. hmmmm, thought the ew oe would e delivered as of today. Eve if it had arrived today, the comptuer would't e fixed till Moday. So ear with me ad try to uderstad.

Whe I stepped out my ackdoor a while ago, I saw this eautiful cat. It was a little timid, ad of course, ecause I still do't carry my camera everywhere (like loadig up the car), I was mutterig to myself aout ot havig it availale. (I'm thikig I should just put it o a layard aroud my eck...) ut the cat just sat there ad made itself comfortale, so I took a chace, got up from where I was sittig, stepped ito the house ad got the camera. This was the est of the images I got. What a eauty!!!

They do't sell Shave Ice at this place. hmmmm


Bridget said...

gorgeous feline portrait !

Anonymous said...

That cat is gorgeous...if it were mine I would be a wreck wondering where it had disappeared to...and the shot is exquisite. Jean

trishalyn said...

I agree with the others...that's a beautiful cat portrait!

Sorry you couldn't get your shaved ice....but if you had driven just a little farther down Rt. 30 you would have been in luck! :-)

"etter luck ext time!!!" :-)