Friday, June 04, 2010

A Morning in the Adirondacks

Today was a hike day, but there were only two of us. Since we knew ahead of time that there would only be the two of us, we decided to bring our cameras with the intention of doing some photography if we got the chance. (the other two ladies with whom we usually hike are not into photography, so we don't usually have the luxury of looking for photo subjects)

Actually, we got lost while looking for the trail head. Serendipity, for sure. Along the way we stopped several times to photograph scenes we wouldn't have seen if we hadn't gotten lost.

When we finally did find the trail head we spent some significant time trying to photograph these flowers. Our hike then turned into a short walk through the woods and a nice lunch on a plank bridge that crossed a small stream.

Neither of us were unhappy about the way the morning in the Adirondacks turned out. Sometimes the unexpected is really pleasant.


Anonymous said...

there us a quiet peace about the second photo...I loved it...Jean

trishalyn said...

These are all beautiful, Linda! That's a lovely, unique flower...and Jean is right about the 2nd photo. I keep going back to the last two images, though. I'm intrigued with's very appealing with its several layers of different textures of green. And #5 is gorgeous....looks like something out of magazine.

Glad you had such a fun and photo-productive morning!!! :-)

Bridget said...

this adventure sounds like my type of hiking!
the flower (is it honeysuckle?) is beautiful!
of the landscapes i love the 4th .it is so clear and just so appealing.
nicely done.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Your photos prove that there are many beautiful places in our state. These are so different from your Hawaiin photos, nonetheless just as impressive.