Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Good Ride
After picking me up at the airport on Tuesday night, along with some other friends, Leah stayed overnight with me.  In the morning we just hung around the house catching up with the news, ran an errand, had lunch and then decided to go to Haleiwa for Shave Ice.

We had a moment of serious indecision.  Should we take the Matrix (my car), the suv (Leah's car) or the convertible (my host's car)?  We spent some time deciding (I think it was actually a nano-second), and finally hopped into the convertible.

Not a bad way to get to the North Shore.  


Anonymous said...

Cheeze! what a hard decision to have to make....ho hum....I had one I shovel the front walk or the back walk to the garage..guess what I did both..sigh.
Tell Leah to wipe the silly grin off her pretty face...teehee..J

trishalyn said...

Great shot of Leah! You girls have a rough life. LOL! :-)

Bridget said...

she looks good in that car :)