Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A couple of days ago my friend Julie called and asked if I wanted to chase another celebrity.  You know Julie, she's the one who took me to see the set of Pirates of the Carribean one night, and we saw Jack Sparrow driving off the set.

Being with her is always an adventure, so I said, "sure".  This morning I got up at 5 am and drove over to her house, so we could head over there together.  We spent the drive contemplating whether we would really see him, or if it would be a bust.

We were the first to arrive (at least an hour early), so we just sat around and chatted.  Then the Secret Service came over to check us out with the wand.  Then the Secret Service Dog was brought in to sniff the area.  We were on a Marine Base and at eight a.m. the raising of the flag, accompanied by the bugle, signaled that everyone stand at attention and all cars come to a halt.  Goose bumps, let me tell you!

The motorcade approached.  Secret Service men were all over the place.  (this might be a little melodramatic, but really, it was just like in the movies)  The cars drove around to the doors, they stopped, Secret Service jumped out to open doors, everyone got their cameras ready...Michelle Obama hopped out of the car and quickly walked around to the door.  No photo op there.

But then President Obama began walking towards us.  Whether or not I'm a fan of this president, it was still a pretty awesome situation.  He proceeded to go down the line of "visitors", shaking hands and making an occasional comment.  Me....I just kept clicking away.  Julie, on the other hand, actually got to shake hands with the president.  Wowser!!

This first image is a scene of the front of the gym where Obama would soon be playing basketball.  About 40 minutes before he arrived, everyone was evacuated from the building, we assume so that the building could be checked, and each person was wanded.  After that proceedure, they were all allowed back inside.

 Julie getting her cane examined.

Secret Service and his dog, checking things over.


 First Lady disembarking the vehicle.

President beginning he walk to the waiting people.

Beginning the line of handshakes.

I missed the shot of Julie shaking his hand, but this one is pretty good, I think.

A pretty interesting way to start the day.


La- @ The Curvy Life said...

THAT is AWESOME! I cannot believe you were so close and got such great shots! Way to take advantage of a great situation!!! I loved seeing these!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah..I would have been all goose bumpy too..great shots...I may not admire the man...but to be that close to the President of the USA..oh WOW!!!

trishalyn said...

Oh my gosh, Linda...these are AWESOME!!! I can't believe you were that close to the President of the United States...what an exciting day for you!!!

P.S. I couldn't help but think of Phil as I viewed your images and read your post. :-)

J.L.Velez said...

What a great opportunity!!! It's really exciting that you were that close and your shots really came out amazing!

Rob said...

Nice shoots, my favorite is the seventh one, closeup loking right at you, but you need some fill light to fill in shadow under his hat. Don't forget to use the pop-up flash biult into the camera today, they are great for just a little fill flash with outdoor shooting.


Anonymous said...

Great shots and I agree with prior commennts about what a thrill it must have been to be that close to the president. But how many hundred people got the same or similar shots? I'll take the shot of the little girl in he big hat on Saturday. That's a "Linda" shot. Good show.

Bridget said...

love the last one.
what an exciting day!