Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On My Way

So...I'm actually en route.  On the plane.  To Hawaii.  And there's wi-fi.  Can you believe it?  Free internet on the plane, in the air, en route.  Well, the "free" part is just a promotion being provided by google until Jan 2.  But how cool is that?

I'm about 9 hours from landing in Honolulu.  The ironic thing is that my son is flying from San Diego to New York today.  He's going to land in Albany right around the time I'm landing in Honolulu (taking the time difference into consideration).  You'd think we could have planned things a little better, right?  But alas, airfares rule!!  Cheapest rates dictate flight dates.  Sigh.

Well, his plane is landing around 1 am, NY time.  Who, in their right minds, would want to go pick someone up at the airport at 1 am in NY, in the winter, in the snow, on icy roads?  Maybe Mom?  Sure, but Mom's landing in warm Hawaii, so that won't happen.

So we devised a plan.  I would leave the car in the long-term parking lot, and he would play "Where's Waldo" (actually "where's Saab") while trying to locate the car.  But hey, how big is the Albany Airport parking lot anyway?

Technology.  To.  The.  Rescue!  I took some photos, loaded them onto my laptop, and sent them to him.  You've got to love this technology, right? (sometimes).  I received a digital reader from my children for Christmas and I've been ready to toss it across the room a few times already.  But that's a topic for another post.


trishalyn said...

LOVED YOUR STORY AND PHOTOS...and very clever solution to your dilemma!!! :-)

Have a great trip!

Bridget said...

good story.
isn't technology amazing!