Monday, June 06, 2011

Queen of the Erie

I had the chance to go biking again today.  I went in the other direction. It was a little more interesting than the route I took the other day. Not in an overwhelming way, but enough to provide a few photo ops.

I don't have an odometer on the bike and there are no mile markers along the bike path (what's up with that I wonder?)  so I didn't know how far I was going.  I did, however, sense that I was going a little farther than the other day.  And the way I felt during the last 3 or so miles was an absolute sign that I had gone farther.  Total=16 miles.  Wow.

There are signs along the route giving information about the Erie Canal.  The Canal was an engineering marvel in its day.  I sometimes wish I could transport myself back in time to see it in action. 

If you click on the next image, you can read a little about it.  


~she~ said...

We have canals running through our town but I guess I take them for granted. Funny that you took your camera along with you...I would think it would be uncomfortable to ride. What a wonderful new hobby you've picked up!

trishalyn said...

Thanks for the history lesson. I think we, too, take the canal for granted. People come from all over the US to see this historic canal.

I really like the second image...the perspective of the wooden bridget with your bike in the background is very appealing.

Keep enjoying your rides...and don't forget your camera! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

Biking, hiking and kayaking! You should give up Hawaii and become a mountain woman in the adirondacks. You enjoy the outdoors and that is great for the soul!