Monday, June 20, 2011

Rally at the Senate

Today there was a rally at the Senate entrance in Albany.  NY is considering a bill to make same-sex marriage legal.  There is one vote to go to determine whether it will pass or not.  Four of us from my church attended the rally.

People for & against the bill were in attendance. 

Madaline is a bold witness and didn't hesitate to engage this young man in a dialogue about his stand on the issue.  I even managed to dredge up the courage to get involved in their discussion for a few minutes.

Elise, one of the most active "voices" in our church, posed for this photo. 

We finally found our car in the parking garage after walking around for a few minutes.  The place is like a big-black-hole and it was only by God's grace that we found the car when we did.  For a minute or two I was thinking, "search party", for us, not the car.

Elise wanted a pic of the 4 of us, so I propped my camera on the back of the car
and was able to get us all in the frame--and for once I didn't get obsessed with getting it straight.   

While walking through the concourse to find the elevator to get to the parking garage, we passed pieces of artwork that NYS purchased to decorate the halls with.  Now, dear reader, this is just a sampling of the "art" that we, the taxpayers, wind up paying for with our tax dollars. 

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned that I was scratching my head over the winners in the Photo Regional?  Well, here I go again, only this time I want to kick and scream--"art"???  Really???
And how much did these cost????


On the news tonight it was announced that the Senate is stalled on the legislation for rent-control, so the issue of same-sex marriage is on a back burner right now. 
Okay.  There's still a chance it will be defeated.


trishalyn said...

Love the partial silhouette of the law enforcement officer...great shot! (No pun intended!)

~she~ said...

Good for you! I feel very strongly about my opinions but am way too chicken to stand for them in public sometimes. I'm with you on this one!

Framing Images and Memories said...

As the history teacher I must say that I LOVE seeing our democracy at work. People are so incredibly apathetic, so incredibly ignorant as to how government can work. I love that you mention having conversation and debate and I LOVE that the police officer appears not to be needed.