Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The other day I saw a really cute license plate on a parked vehicle as I was walking along the street, but I didn't have my camera on me, so I couldn't get the pic.  The plate said:


and it was on a large SUV type vehicle.  I thought it was great, although I'm not sure I would own such a gas-guzzler just for my dogs.  But each to their own, I guess.

Today, after a long hiatus, I found a plate on a car in a parking lot.   Now, one of the things I'm always a little nervous about is the thought that the owner of the car I'm photographing will come marching along just as I click the shutter.  So far, this hasn't happened. Really though, what could they say? "You can't do that, it's private, it's my property, it's personal".  The answer in my head is always something like, "seriously!  you paid good money for this vanity plate, you put it on your car, you drive your car around hill and dale for all the world to see, and then you say I can't take a photo of it?"  

Well, that's all in my head, cause I've never been caught.  Until today that is.  Today I was bussssTed!  I heard the footsteps behind me, and then a woman's voice saying, "can I help you?"  Oh, ick!!!  So I smiled and said, "Oh, I just like to photograph funky license plates".  She.....smiled back and said, "I've had the same plate since I was 16".  We had a short pleasant conversation and as I was leaving she said, "enjoy!"  

So, even though it's not the most creative / imaginative plate I've seen, it is cute and I love that she's had the same plate all these years.


~she~ said...

Great story! I would have probably peed my pants! :)

Don't you hate it when the words that come out of your mouth are never as good as the thoughts in your brain about what those words should be?

trishalyn said...

Cute plate and frame! What I like best, though, is your reflection above it! :-)

P.S. Loved the story, too! :-)

trishalyn said...

P.S. #2 A thought just occurred to me...
By now you must have quite a collection of license plate images. That could be the theme of your free Shutterfly book!!! :-)