Saturday, November 05, 2011

Just a Few Patterns

About a month ago I bought myself a new point-and-shoot camera.  Did I need it?  No.  Should I have bought it?  Probably not.  But this particular camera is getting amazing reviews and does amazing things.  So, not usually one who has to have the newest and best of technology, I bought it anyway.  I think this is probably the last point-and-shoot I'll need to purchase for a very, very long time.

Anyway, after reading the cameral manual, I discovered how to use some of the fun functions it has.  One of them is a built in, modified fish-eye effect.  Oh joy! 

This past week, on a beautiful sunny, warm Fall day, my husband made arrangements at a tire shop for them to put some snow tires on my car.  So I took the car down to the shop and spent some pleasant time standing around waiting for the job to be done.  After a little while, though, I started getting a little antsy, but then I finally remembered the camera in my purse, set it on the fish-eye function and had some fun making images of the tires in the shop. 

Yeah, I know.  Pathetic, but I was pretty intrigued by the myriad of patterns on different tires.  Just remember, these were taken with the fish-eye function.  The tires aren't really deformed or damaged.


trishalyn said...

"Pathetic"???? NO WAY!!! I LOVE these images! The first and last ones were my favorites! You are truly talented, Linda, when you can take a simple object and turn it into art. Great job!

You've inspired I want a new point-and-shoot! :-) I'm relatively certain your new camera is a I right? What model? I want one! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

The first and last images are great. I can picture the last photo, as a poster, hanging in the garage! What a great advertisement for the need to replace one's tires. You made great use of your time.

jeff perkins said...

Linda, the last shot of the tire grouping is terrific! Jeff Perkins

~she~ said...

The whole time I was reading your post, I was trying to figure out what that image was! Very clever!

You could totally do a guessing game on here where you take close-up shots and have people figure out what they are!

Bridget said...

love these images. shows you have a great eye. nice job. very cool series!

Lynnette Kraft said...

It certainly takes a creative eye to notice the patterns in tires! ha!! Great pics! (and good for you for taking time to notice a lovely detail in an ugly black tire - there's a message in there somewhere!)