Thursday, April 05, 2012

Naples, California

When we disembarked from our cruise last month, we had several hours before I had to be delivered to the airport.  Scott & Sybil decided they wanted to show me Naples, CA.  A section of the town is built on canals, just like in Venice, Italy.  So we parked the car and walked along the canals. 

It was really beautiful.  I have a hard time imagining that people really live like this, though.  Make sure you look closely at the sign in the last image!

Just think.  If it has three bedrooms, we could share this 3 ways--then it would only
be about $1,266,666 a piece.  Anyone want to go in on it with me???


trishalyn said...

So that's how the other half lives!!! :-)

Beautiful images! Love that deep blue sky. Hard to choose a favorite, but those colorful chairs and corresponding shadows keep drawing me back.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the other side! :-)

Prem Shrestha said...

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