Friday, April 13, 2012

The Summer House

Hawaii is a tiny place.  If you haven't looked at a map lately, you might be interested to see the size of the state compared to the states on the mainland--or what's even more funny, compared to Alaska.  Any way, the reason I mentioned this is just to say that because of how tiny Oahu is and how important it is to use every bit of real estate, there are very, very few abandoned or unused structures on the island.

There is, however, the abandoned ruin of King Kamehameha's summer guest house nestled in the back woods of a rural area not very well known to the majority of people.  It's pretty difficult to find and you need very detailed directions.  Getting from the road to the structure is very easy though, just a short walk. 

It reminds me of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"--how the children stepped through the wardrobe and were instantly in another land.  Once you step through the tiny opening leading to the summer house, it feels like you're in another world.

A friend and I went there the other day.  My goal was to shoot specifically for HDR. 
I'm not thrilled with the results, but it was a beautiful day, I enjoyed my time with my friend,
and I'm always happy when photographing anything.


trishalyn said...

You're not "thrilled" with the results?! You are much too critical of your skills...these are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Diane said...

You did a lovely job. You can see God's work in the pictures.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Beautiful images! I love the lush greens. Does your watermark need to be in the middle? Good idea to protect them for they are wonderful!

trishalyn said...

I left a comment the other day on these GORGEOUS images, but it wasn't posted. Did you receive it, Linda?

Anyway...I think these are really beautiful!!! Looks like an interesting place to visit, too.