Friday, April 27, 2012

Note to Self:

American Idol had 6 contestants remaining at the beginning of this week.  Thursday night was the elimination day.  Thursday night was the night I left Hawaii for NY.  Thursday night was the night I needed to be at the airport by 8:30.  American Idol made it's elimination announcement at about 7:55. Could we do it?  Could we see the results and still get to the airport in time?  
Yes we could. And we did.

Note to Self:  When in a rush to get to the airport, put the light on before putting on the slippers. (sandals are referred to as slippers in Hawaii) 

I didn't discover this faux pas until my ride was long gone after leaving me at the terminal and my bags were checked--just before I went through security.  Not much to do about it except get on the plane.  Not much to do about it except laugh, which I did.

So I'm off to the Post Office Saturday morning to send the wayward slipper back to its owner in balmy, sunny, warm Hawaii.  Lucky slipper.

We stopped at a pizza place on the way home from the airport.  Along the way I saw two vanity plates while on the road, and the following two were right in the parking lot.  

I can't quite figure this one out, but it obviously means something to the owner.

BTW:  Elise was eliminated from Idol, which made me sad, and the temperature in NY was 40 when I landed and 38 by the time we arrived home.  Welcome back, huh?

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trishalyn said...

Such a funny "slipper" story...thanks for sharing!

It was great to see your photos of New York plates. Welcome home, Linda! :-)