Friday, July 06, 2012

 Saratoga bw

Three of us went to Saratoga this past Tuesday for a field trip.  The "assignment" was bw street photography.  We put our cameras on the bw function and shot everything in bw.  Well....., almost everything.

We each had the same 7-point checklist and our goal was to get images that fit each of the 7 points.  The images here are not the ones I'm using for my assignment.  I might post them after we have our meeting.  But in the meantime, these are some of the other images I got that day.

Saratoga wasn't as crowded as we had hoped it would be.  That made it a little more challenging to get the kinds of street images I was hoping for.  But it was still great being out in the beautiful weather with good friends doing what we love to do~~photography.

I saw these plants on an outside window sill and loved the way they looked.

But after getting the image in bw, I decided to switch to color to see how it would look.  I actually like this particular scene better in color.  What do you think?


trishalyn said...

Aw, shoot! (Ha...ha...get it?!) Where was I for these great shots? I missed them completely! :-( You're right...I love the plants in b/w...but like the color version even better! LOVE the street scenes you captured, too, especially the photographer! Terrific street photography! You've inspired I want to go and try it again. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! Passing on greetings from smoe people who visited our church here today - Janet and David Barker! Such a small world!! They also know the pastor we had when we lived in Ballston Spa pretty well :)