Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mini-Family Reunion

My daughter spent months & months trying to put together a family reunion--the first one ever.  I used to get exhausted listening to her efforts at trying to co-ordinate a location that could accommodate the people, provide activities for the kids and still be reasonable in cost.

Then this one couldn't make it on this weekend, and that one would be out of town on that weekend, and personality conflicts and cancellations, etc., etc.  

So she just gave up.  I can't say I blamed her.  

But....this weekend turned out to be a mini-family reunion.  Two aunts (one with hubby) & two cousins (one with hubby and one daughter) arrived with bells on.  Unfortunately, one other aunt and 4 other cousins (with spouses and children) were not there.  Oh well, their loss!

The crowd was rounded out with me and Jessica's younger brother, another teen who's like part of the family, and some friends of Jessica's with their children.  

It was all-together a beautiful day.


Uncle & niece


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trishalyn said...

Beautiful family...beautiful portraits! Great action shot on the trampoline, too! Glad you enjoyed your mini-reunion! :-)