Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Game

This afternoon was the last soccer game of the season.  And the very last high school game for the 7 seniors on the team.  I had no idea there was going to be any kind of recognition, but when the coach brought the team over to the stands and began introducing the seniors, I took the opportunity to photograph their congratulatory hand shake.

I don't know any of the seniors, but thought it was a great photo op.

During the game, I managed to get a few good images of grandson #1 playing.  It will be his turn to get that senior handshake next year.  Sigh.

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trishalyn said...

Awesome portraits AND action shots! You really "nailed" them! (And in the process, you did our assignment without realizing it!!!)

I hope you contact the coach about your senior handshakes. I'm sure the parents of those boys would LOVE a print! :-)