Monday, October 01, 2012

54 Days

My Hawaii daughter surprised me the other day when she contacted me and said she was flying to NY for Thanksgiving.  Then my California son and his wife notified me that they were flying to NY for Thanksgiving too.  I'm so, so, so happy that they'll be here.

Well, the Hawaii girl has been on a running/swimming/exercise regime for quite a while now, and she came up with the suggestion that we all register for the 5k Turkey-Trot in Altamont the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  Ok....that sounds like a good thing to do.  I think.

So it will be the NY daughter, the Hawaii daughter, the California daughter-in-law and me.
I'm thinking I'll probably wimp out and walk most of the 3.1 miles.  I am, however, going to start training to run jog as much of the distance as I can.  I can say that now cause today was only Day 1 of training.

54 days to go.  

I figure if I increase the running jogging by 1.5 tenths a day, by the day of the Turkey-Trot, I should be able to run jog the entire way.  

We'll see.  I confess that I'm a woman of good intentions but weak will.  I'll try and keep you posted about my progress.


Never Settled said...

Yay mom! I can't wait :) What kind of yummy post-race food can we get in Altamont? We will definitely need something to celebrate a run well done.

trishalyn said...

Great post and terrific accompanying images! Good luck on achieving your goal...I know you can do it!!! :-)

P.S. I'm so happy your family is gathering for Thanksgiving!!! :-)