Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Atlas Shrugged

Today I received an email from a friend who owns a used bookstore in Amsterdam.  He announced that he's beginning a weekly Friday night event at his store.  Book signings, poetry readings, music, discussions, etc.  This coming Friday he will lead a discussion about "Atlas Shrugged" & the 2012 elections.  

I think it was in college, or it very well could have been during high school when I first read the book.  I must have been very smitten with it and the author because I remember that I also read "Fountainhead" and "We The Living" by the same author.  If you were to ask me today what any of them are about, I'd have to shrug my shoulders (no pun intended) and say I don't know.  I do seem to remember that one of them was about life in Russia.  I'm not sure I could come up with the title of any book that is more depressing. I have a dark side.  The books must have fed that side of me.

When my friend mentioned the book in his email, it piqued my interest so I decided to try and read it again.  I remembered that it was a large volume tome, but I thought that if I don't finish it, it's no big deal.  I'm a very different person now than I was all those years ago.  I'll probably hate it.

So I found a fairly local library that had it on the shelf and went a got it this afternoon.  Well....saying that it's a large volume tome is an understatement!  When I first located it on the shelf, I thought for sure I was in the "large print" section.  But, no.  It was the regular print section.

I took it out anyway.  I'm going away for 12 days, I need something to read.

Two (2) inches thick.  1163 pages. I'm  hoping  I hate it so I don't try to convince myself to read all of it . . .

"Who is John Galt?"

That's the first line of the book.  I guess you'll have to read it yourselves to find out.

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trishalyn said...

Interesting post...cool pics. I like the unique perspective of the images.

I don't think the size of the book should deter anyone if it's an interesting read. I've read many books that I wished would go on forever! :-)

Have a safe and fun trip...and keep posting while you're gone. I'm looking forward to enjoying your journey! :-)