Friday, November 30, 2012

The First Basketball Game of the Season
Don't Forget Your Media Card

I do actually believe that this is the very first post, and hopefully the only post EVER, that does not contain a photograph.

And here's why:

Tonight was the beginning of the high school basketball season.  Grandson's game began at 7:30 pm. I arrived home from running errands in plenty of time to eat, get my camera ready and get to the game before it started.

I put my super-duper long lens on my camera.  Checked the battery level.  Put the camera in a place where I wouldn't forget it when I left the house (as if that ever happened!)

Arrived at the game early.  Found a decent parking spot.
Opened the car door, preparing to get the camera out of the back seat, when BINGO, I remembered that I left the media card in the card reader on my kitchen counter.

And.....because I didn't bring my purse (just stuck my driver's license in my back pocket), I didn't have access to my emergency 64 meg card (good grief--what is that anyway?) that I usually carry in my purse for backup.

So.....For.   The.   First.    Time.   I.    Can.    Remember.  I sat at the grandson's sporting event without a camera in my hand.  

Tomorrow night is another game which is part of the same tournament.  It remains to be seen if I can do better then.

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trishalyn said...

One of those life "learning experiences!" :-)

All was not lost, have a second chance tonight...and you scored big on a humorous story! :-)