Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Cemetery Adventure

After taking a friend out for a birthday celebration breakfast,we went searching for some photo ops in a cemetery we had never been too.  It turned out to be small, and it didn't have any grave stones that made us go oooohhh, ahhhh, but it was very pretty and very quiet.  We had the place to ourselves, so we spent quite a bit of time there.  I can't wait to see the images she got...

It was quite overcast and at times there was a lot of drama in the clouds, just not in the directions I was shooting.  I'll have to make a trip back there when the sky is prettier.

I am totally hooked on HDR, so all of the following images are done with that process.

As we were heading back to town, I suggested that we detour into down-town and see what we could find.  The downtown of Amsterdam is nothing to brag about, although back in the day it was a sight to behold.  

Usually this street is deserted on a Saturday afternoon so we were surprised to see the curbs lined with cars, and the center parking spots all filled.  I was a little disappointed at first, but when I began composing, I realized that the vehicles might give the image some character.

I love this old door.  It makes me sad to think that these beautiful old buildings are just sitting there vacant and going to rack-and-ruin.  Wouldn't this be a great doorway for a senior portrait?

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trishalyn said... them all!!!

I think #1 and #3 are my favorites, but it's a really difficult decision. :-) #1 is exactly what I was trying to capture, but I just couldn't find the right shooting spot. Great job! I love the juxtaposition of the gravestone and luscious green plants in image #3. You have a terrific eye!

Thanks again for a wonderful birthday celebration...I had so much fun! :-)