Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Going Through Old Files

It has been raining here.  A lot.  Everything is very green and very lush. But it keeps raining.
Now....I'm not really complaining, after all, my well is full and I can do laundry at my house throughout the summer.  The temperatures are cool so I'm not getting cranky due to high temps with equally high humidity.  And sleeping is wonderful with the cool temps and rain drops falling on the roof.


Photography!  Doesn't much happen in these conditions.  So I was going through some old files and found these.  I never processed them before, so I decided to have a go at them.  They were both taken in Hawaii.

Old unused country church.

Educational pier on windward side of Oahu.

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trishalyn said...

Really nice images. I especially love the pier photo and the unique perspective you captured! Great job!