Sunday, June 02, 2013

Now I Remember Why...

The last time I gutted and cooked my own fish was a very long time ago.  I was in college and one summer I worked at Yellowstone Park.  We went out in a rowboat one day and caught some beautiful Rainbow Trout.  My position at the park was fry cook, so I had the opportunity to cook the fish we caught.  I remember that it was really good.

Well, today I had the chance to gut and cook some trout that others caught, and I totally remembered WHY I haven't done it since college.  Anyway, there were a ton (not literally) of them, and after a while I decided I would just throw the rest away.  

People really enjoy doing this...??

When I began cleaning the mess up, I decided to take some photos for this blog, and then I really got into it.  (taking photos, that is)  

Remember a while back I told you about this great point and shoot camera I have??  It has a modified fish-eye function on it.  Yup, you got it!!  I took a picture of a fish eye with the fish eye.  What a hoot. (insert me slapping my thigh and howling)  Just thinking about what a corny joke that is made me laugh.

I've discovered that there are times when it doesn't take much to amuse me.  

Anyway, I put some of the fish in the freezer and cooked a couple for myself.  They were good!!

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trishalyn said...

Great post...cracked me up! Really cool pics, too..especially #2. Though I must admit...#2 and #3 were a little creepy! :-)